Our Mission
While Serving our services with international standards and contemporary management concept , In accordance with the legislation related to the law, number 5174, contributing regional and national economy by solving the problems and meeting the expectations of our members in an institutional structer with social responsibility

Our Vision
Under the condition of not exceeding the terms that has been described by legislation;
• Directed by Contemporary Governance Concept
• Improving its services by taking the needs and expectations of members into consideration
• Satisfying members with High Quality and Transparent Service Concept
• In Regional Development , being set high value and respect by Important Decision Makers
• With the consciousness of Social Responsibility,Service Principle and Regional Development being a Model Chamber in regional and national basis

Our Quality Policy
Our Chamber , working for the aim of contributing the trade and Industry fields of our borough, intends to secure the satisfaction of our members and civil service fields under legal cicumstances by improving the efficiency of Quality Management System consistently by adjusting its terms